Funding outcomes

Last October, Gartner published a research note on why CFOs shouldn’t be expecting agile transformation teams to ask for a blank check. The article focused on a principle that has seemingly been missed by some organizations, albeit not intentionally, that the goal should be about achieving specific business outcomes.

The challenge, historically, and the reason this article was timely was simply because CFOs have been asked to write large checks but without understanding where it all leads. This isn’t an issue restricted to CFOs only but it does raise the awareness of why it’s so important that the value of all the work in play is based on product strategies that contain business outcomes we can expect to measure.

It’s not necessarily about the investment required; most executive teams support that and know they need to push forward to make the large shifts required in their organizations. It’s more about knowing what everyone can expect, what’s valuable, what’s measurable and why it matters.


Focus on investments, but focus more on the expected outcomes. It’s not a cost issue, it’s about the value the organization delivers.

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