Giving generously

This post referred to a recent HBR article about Love at work. It’s not something that typically gets talked about. But it should. Loving what you do matters. When you love something you give generously to it. We are more patient with the things we love and we are willing to go the extra mile. We persevere until we get to the place we were hoping to get. We are more positive about the things we love. As the post said, “It only takes your employees not caring about your strategy meeting to make you try something new.” But, in a weird turn of fate, it turns out what we give to deliberately turns into the things that we care about most. It’s a bit like that smiling trick – are you happy and therefore you smile or do you smile which makes you happy? Tip: the studies show it’s smiling first that makes the difference!


What can you do this week to give something to your client, team, company or work that is an act of generosity of time, talent or treasure?

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