Hard growth

All businesses have a need to grow and scale. Whether it’s a new start-up looking for their first or second customer or the largest companies in the world looking to grow new sources of revenue or replace older sources.

Sam Altman from Y-Combinator suggests there is an easy way to scale and a hard way to scale. The easy way is when you have customers who love what you do for them, how you do it, and the results it achieves. The hard way is when you have a product or service that isn’t really that good for the current environment. Maybe customers once enjoyed your product, but because of changes in consumers, technology, or competition, they don’t really love (or even like) what you do any more. In this environment, you have to spend a lot more time generating demand and selling. It’s hard work. And it’s only going to get harder.

When you get into the territory where growth is hard and your customers fall out of love with what you do, you need to head back to the drawing board. You need to get back in front of important customers and figure out how to win them back. Make them love you again.

What can you do to make a handful of your users love your product or service more? It will make growth easier.

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