Incremental improvements

It’s much easier to defer or ignore making small choices than going through with them. This is where the discussion around varying cognitive biases comes in.

There is also a side that says our lack of decision making or inability to do more is a result of not having access to the right tools or the right information OR simply not understanding how to best utilize the tools and info we do have.

In a recent TEDx talk, Nathan Chappell shared how, on average, 2% is the amount given to philanthropic work. That 2% seems to be the ceiling and has held steady for some time despite shifts in economy and income. Nathan made a point to say that a 1% increase would result in approximately $200 billion more.

If we take that same school of thought to how we invest in other people (work colleagues, teams) then we can logically conclude that a small percentage increase would yield far greater benefits and outcomes.


What could an additional incremental investment of your time do for a colleague or project you’re involved with?

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