Leading and participating

There is research out there that suggests leadership principles will change dramatically in the next three to five years.

One of those changes involves a shift away from what’s known as leading from the front to more of a style involving more participation.

This stems from a belief that organizational agility is best served when its executive leaders are more engaged and involved with the move to a digitally-minded organization.

I’d argue that participating is leading from the front. The very notion that somehow it’s not creates a mental divide in how an executive team might think about change. Maybe it’s semantics and perhaps that research isn’t trying to say that the two styles are vastly different, but it does raise a concern.

We should always desire a leadership team that leads from the front because in the truest sense of the phrase, we’re saying that these leaders are in fact participating, engaging and involved – not disconnected.

Leaders who understand that organizational agility requires continued participation are leading from the front and setting the example to follow.

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