Learning how to learn

In a world of constant change, new technology and ever increasing competition, the ability to outlearn competitors is becoming evermore critical.

Learning how to learn is, perhaps, one of life’s most important lessons. Are you a visual learner? Do you prefer to learn by doing? Do you prefer to reflect on things rather than actively discuss and debate?

Kolb’s Learning Cycle describes 4 main approaches:

  • Feeling
  • Watching
  • Thinking
  • Doing

When combined, these lead to 4 different major styles:

  • Diverging – Brainstormer (Feeling/Watching)
  • Assimilating – Integrator (Watching/Thinking)
  • Converging – Problem Solver (Thinking/Doing)
  • Accommodating – Doer (Doing/Feeling)

Everyone has a preferred style; but everyone also needs to experience all of them to get a fully integrated learning experience.


Jot down some thoughts about how you best learn a new skill or concept. Which approach do you favour? Which approach do you use less? Why?

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