Mindful leaders

The simplest definition of mindful is to be conscious or aware of something. The world is lacking mindful leaders. There are various ways we might all define being mindful.

While the immediate view of being mindful speaks to thoughtfulness towards someone. Mindful can also be selfish – it can be something we do for ourselves. We can all be too mindful towards our own needs while neglecting others.

One way to think about it is having a balance of empathy and sympathy. Empathy is your pain in my mind. Sympathy is your pain in my heart. Empathy is something you have when you haven’t fully experienced a situation and sympathy is something you have when you have experienced it.

Mindful leaders have a balance of both and make it a practice to reflect how they can help others, recall situations that they continuously learn from, and then take deliberate actions to engage those they lead.


Think about ways to demonstrate greater levels of empathy and sympathy. Start with being a better listener.

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