No news isn’t always good news

How many times have you asked for feedback on an idea or a piece of work and not heard anything back? It’s tempting to interpret this silence as a sign that everything is fine as it is, especially when a deadline is looming.

However, this can be a dangerous assumption to make. You may have asked the wrong question, have asked the wrong people, or maybe those people were just too busy. A vague request sent to everyone in your department is usually not the most effective way of getting feedback.

In our VFQ Foundations online course, we talk about the importance of feedback and the impact it has on the quality of output. One of the points we address is that not all feedback systems are equal when it comes to the learning you can get from them.

Can you be more specific when asking for feedback to ensure you get the data that will allow you to deliver value, improve flow and discover quality? 

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