Nothing personal

Showing half finished work can be scary. Most work when it’s inflight can look incomplete and messy. That’s what makes it work-in-progress. However, if we hold on to work too long, until it’s too polished, or we’ve grown in love with the idea too much, then the feedback can become hard to take.

You have to remember you are not your idea. Don’t identify too closely with your ideas as you might take offence when it is challenged or critiqued. Feedback is a gift and it is best to accept it as such. If you consider that the intention is to create something stronger, better and more complete, then the feedback is all part of the process to help.

We can only ever have a small part of the story. It’s when we get the views of others we enrich our ideas.

Is there an idea or piece of work you’re currently invested in that you should share with colleagues for feedback?

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