One thing you could do

In Liz Wiseman’s book, Multipliers, she lays out her research on the areas where leaders can multiply the output and outcomes for an organization.

One of the most remarkable moments in the book is where she outlines the impact of leaders on individual performance – when asked the question, “how much of you does your manager get from you?”, she had answers that ranged from 10-20% right up to over 150%. When she explored the 150% range, which surprised her, she was met with stories about how people felt their managers got more out of them than they ever felt possible – these leaders were truly multiplying the results from their teams. The 10-20% range was quite extreme, but the data shows that there is a lot of wasted potential. Many of the stories related to this end of the spectrum were really about leaders and managers who didn’t recognize what employees could really do, or employees feeling like they couldn’t bring all of their talents to their work. The stories involved micro-managers, know-it-alls and other challenging management behaviors that stopped people bringing their A-game.


What one thing can you do to bring more value to you and your company? This should be something that you don’t get to do or use much at work. How can you introduce it into your work?

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