People decisions

I’m not sure you need to spend too much time convincing anyone in management about the importance of properly managing people, but there is something to be said about how we make decisions that directly impact people.

It’s a delicate matter, but remaining dispassionate is actually the most helpful way to judge whether the decision is best for the organization and the person.

“Executives spend more time on managing people and making people decisions than on anything else, and they should. No other decisions are so long-lasting in their consequences or so difficult to unmake.” – Peter Drucker

Being dispassionate doesn’t mean we are insensitive or negligent to others – it means that we need to think with both our heads and our hearts. It means we understand that every decision regarding a person is indeed personal but that we also need to weigh the impact on the wider organization. None of this is easy, just a reminder that we need to pause to consider how important it is to make decisions on behalf of others.

The well known phrase of “it’s not personal, it’s business” isn’t actually as true as we might believe or want it to be. If it involves people, it’s always personal but that also doesn’t mean we don’t make the hard decisions.

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