Positive vs negative

How you think about something will often play a big role in how you go into it and how you respond. Maybe it’s a new team, a new management structure or organization. The intent we have going into something will always take precedence on whether we are positive or negative.

You likely talk about the importance of attitude inside your organization and within the relationships you maintain, but what about the intent behind it? How much time do you spend thinking about the purpose, the impact the possibilities that stem from those attitudes?

I suppose the challenge is that we often view situations mainly through our own lens and don’t consider the views of others. I’ve often said to colleagues that “the difference between you and me, is me” – not in an arrogant sense but when I’ve tried to explain how we each choose to have a particular view.


Your intent going into something, whether positive or negative, will impact not only how you respond but also how others respond towards you. Sometimes we unknowingly create our most difficult challenges by having the wrong perspective.

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