Purposeful motivation

Have you ever been involved in something that was really hard to complete? Were there moments when you questioned the reason and rationale behind the project or endeavor? Did it leave you discouraged or despondent?

There are many challenges in life and work. It’s hard to imagine that people haven’t been in the middle of a situation where achieving the outcomes of a project or initiative wasn’t questioned at some point in the middle. You know you’re in the middle when things look messy. Regardless if the situation was part of building a startup or if you were part of a massive enterprise project, people can lose sight of what they’re trying to do, why and whether it was worth it.

As these times, leadership is key. Leaders need to know and be aware of the challenges people are facing – there needs to be acknowledgement. But, more importantly, there needs to be a vision or purpose that people can fall back on. It’s at these challenging moments where people ask why. The answer needs to be good. Leaders exist at all levels of an organization – regardless of where they sit, they need to be prepared to reconnect people with a ‘why’ in times of hardship. It’s the vision that keeps people moving forward.

Do you have a compelling purpose or vision? Putting the time in upfront and throughout a project when times are good is essential for those moment when things are toughest.

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