Re-frame the problem

Do you ever feel like you’re trying to solve the wrong problem? Or, do you ever step back to make sure you are trying to solve the right problem?

Recently, I heard a statistic that stated that 85% of companies didn’t feel like they were focused on solving the right problems. That’s an incredible number. There wasn’t much detail on how many companies were surveyed, or whether they were talking about internal problems or customer problems. Or whether those surveyed were leaders of the companies or front-line employees. Whatever the background, it was a truly remarkable statistic which does have a ring of truth. Here’s how you go about re-framing a problem:

  1. Identify the underlying need, pain, gain or job-to-be-done for the user or customer.
  2. Brainstorm for 5 minutes to identify as many weird and wacky ways as you can to solve the underlying need. Involve others in this as it will improve the ideas.
  3. Re-state the problem. Or try to frame it as a question.
  4. Share it with colleagues.


Are you working on solving the right problem? Step back and make sure you’re solving the most valuable aspect of the problem.

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