Remaining enthusiastic

Winston Churchill once said, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”. Many people thought Churchill was mad for his strategy in the second world war.

He faced criticism from within his own party, and at very senior levels. He faced criticism from the King, who thought he was actually quite dangerous. He had critics on all sides. But in polls today, he’s considered one of the greatest Britons to have lived. He believed in his cause and his work and he did not give up.

I’ve seen many business owners, product managers and leaders in large enterprises face criticism for their ideas. In fact, the more innovative, the more derided they are. But, it’s the dreamers and the shapers, and the ones who never give up, that manage to change the world.

If you’re doing something new or different, there is a chance you are doing something of meaning. Remain enthusiastic. Don’t give up. Keep learning.

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