Remember it’s a business

Some of you might know the US beer adverts featuring the “most interesting man in the world.” He says in one advert “I’m a lover not a fighter, but I’m a fighter too.”

We deal with the same thing now and again. We’re a business not a group of entrepreneurs, but we’re entrepreneurs too. We want everyone’s creativity and insights to be shared. We don’t want anyone here ever thinking their input isn’t necessary or valuable. We want people to take initiative, display courage and at times, ask forgiveness not permission. That said, we want all that in the context of running a business, which means we need to be aware and conscious of the impact actions and decisions have on one another and the company’s ability to continue to perform and meet the needs of both it’s own people but also the clients we serve.


Can you say with certainty that your actions have the company’s best interests in mind? If not, what would you change?

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