Remember who has helped you

One ‘talent’ we all, unfortunately, possess is forgetting those who’ve helped us along our journey. Even in our current assignment, we tend to dismiss or neglect the people that are often supporting us or making it possible for us to do the job we’re doing.

Sometimes authority and power goes to our head, sometimes we just think we know enough, and other times we work at a pace that isn’t helpful to us or others. In the process, we can easily forget to pause and recognize those that are right there with us or those people that were instrumental in helping us get where we are.

A good principle to follow is next time you think of the person that you appreciate, stop what you’re doing and let them know.

Don’t take people or situations for granted. Make it a habit to pause and recognize the people (boss, peers, team members, colleagues, etc.) who make it possible for you to be successful.

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