Resolution or renovation

This is the time of year where many of us talk resolutions – changes we are committed to making for at least the next 60 days before we realize we don’t really want to make them.

Humor aside, there’s some truth there and you know it as well as I do.

Maybe resolution isn’t the right term or mindset. Perhaps we should be thinking renovation. The idea behind renovation is that we will change something into a new or different state with an expectation that it will be better and more satisfying. Resolutions seem to be more ambiguous where renovations are more final.

This relates to the conversation we have with stakeholders who often ask how long it takes to see change stick in an organization if they’ve embarked on some type of change journey.

There’s no single great response other than to think about it as a long term, continuous change effort that isn’t about a resolution but rather a renovation mindset – one that describes something more final, more permanent.

Resolutions are positive and for some, exactly what’s needed, but renovations immediately embed a message of ongoing change with the expectation that the final product will be just right.

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