Rules of engagement

“It’s not wise to violate rules until you know how to observe them.” – T. S. Eliot

Rules is one of those words that conjure up mixed emotions. For some, following rules is more of an inconvenience and obstruction to progress while for others it is a soothing experience knowing that a set of do’s and don’ts exist.

Regardless of how we feel about rules, we inherently know that they need to be there for many things to work. Engagements, change programs, transformations, etc… all require a specific set of processes accompanied by rules that tell us how to interact with the various roles that are involved, what to do when something happens and perhaps the most stingy part of rules, what not to do. It’s this last part that some of us struggle with because we believe our involvement or way of doing things is best.


What can you do to not just follow the rules better but ensure you are part of the answer in helping your organization meet its goals?

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