Schedule sensitivity

One of the toughest challenges in business is reaching the right decision makers. Some believe that the continuous flow of email campaigns will make the recipient eventually give in and respond, assuming they’re the right person to begin with.

Others try more methodical and targeted approaches to reaching these influential people. Even in situations where you are working with an organization but want to develop new relationships inside it to ensure they are aware of the value you bring, it can be difficult to connect.

If you want to reach a busy executive, you’re going to need to take a delicate approach. You need to demonstrate to business leaders that your ideas, product or service will be beneficial to them by focusing on the specific value you will bring to the company. You want to make them think and consider new perspectives. If you can do that, then they’ll pay attention to you.

Whatever the method, it’s important to realize that volume and quantity aren’t necessarily the right answer unless you’re providing something ubiquitous that needs to be marketed to the masses. The answer lies in being sensitive and aware of other people’s schedules – realizing that timing will be equally important as message and how that message speaks specifically to the needs of that person.


Slow down and think about how to improve the message you want to convey and how it needs to be tailored to the specific individual you want to reach. Invest the time to research and construct an approach that will communicate not only the value of your service but also the value of the person you are trying to reach.

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