Shining a light on your idea

One of the three guiding principles at the heart of VFQ is “Deliver value early and often.” The first step towards accomplishing this is breaking the work down into smaller pieces.

One way this can be achieved is by looking at the problem through different prisms:

  • Risk
  • Urgency
  • Geography
  • Necessity
  • Stakeholder

In a recent episode of Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast, there were two great examples of decision-making based on these prisms.

The first was Spotify. In the early days, when Daniel Ek was struggling to get the music industry on board with his idea, he decided to shift strategy and focus just on Sweden – a market where record companies were losing more than 80% of their revenue base. The second was Google. Back when they were just a small start-up, they partnered with Netscape. It turned out that they couldn’t handle all the queries coming from their partner and still keep their own site online. In that moment of crisis, Larry Page chose to prioritize Netscape, recognizing the importance of building a long-term relationship with the company.

By using the prisms of geography and stakeholders respectively, Spotify and Google were able to successfully break a big problem down and find the best area to focus their efforts.

What prisms can you use to break your work down and start delivering early and often?

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