Small changes, small celebrations

In this video, BJ Fogg explains how changing behavior is an equation involving motivation levels, ability to achieve a task and a trigger that gets you to an action. He also shows why celebrating little moments of success is important to help build momentum.

Check out his Behavior Model and Equation – there are a lot of good insights.


If you’re trying to implement any type of behavioral change in your personal or work life think about four things:

  1. Do you have a lot of motivation to make the change?
  2. If not, can you shrink the change a lot? His example is flossing one tooth instead of all teeth. If you are highly motivated, is there still something that can shrink the effort to achieve the task? It’s a good practice that will likely help you get to action more easily.
  3. Is your trigger to bring the new behavior to mind linked to something you already do? Again, this is much easier if you connect to something in your routine.
  4. Are you celebrating after each run through of the new behavior? If not, try cheering out loud or doing a little dance (maybe need to do this privately :-))

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