Stakeholder risk

What would a valuable insight be without a quote from Machiavelli once in a while? On the topic of risk, he once said “All courses of action are risky, so prudence is not in avoiding danger, but calculating risk and acting decisively”.

How true. One of the greatest risks we all take is taking for granted the relationships we have with clients and possibly neglecting to fully understand the impact of the relationships we have yet to develop. No one likes to be questioned, but a thorough review of the customers we serve and the people we work with often reveals that we may be leaving some things to chance. It’s impossible to know all stakeholders and even unnecessary to try, but there is wisdom in Machiavelli’s words about calculating risk and acting decisively, or perhaps deliberately to ensure that we can answer the hard questions related to risks.

Risk management isn’t about the pessimistic side of a customer relationship, it’s about the proactive, planning side that anticipates needs and even challenges ahead.


How certain are you that you understand the most relevant risks related to the customer you serve?

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