Success is a planned event

Even though when starting out with a new client, on a new product or implementing a change we might not know all of the answers, the act of planning on a regular basis leads to better results.

I grew up with an interest in jigsaw puzzles. Even though you see the complete picture on the outside of the box, you realize quickly that putting it together can be challenging. I start by turning over every piece so I can see them all. I then group pieces look like they belong together. I usually start with the edges and then work inward. All this, for me, is the planning part. Every piece is critical and required to make the puzzle complete. There is no such thing as the “most important piece” of a jigsaw puzzle, unless of course you’ve lost one!


If your customer asked you today to show them a plan for what you’re working on for them, would you be proud and confident to show them what you’ve produced?

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