Thank you for celebrating with us!

This past month marked the 4-year anniversary of Emergn Limited. We wanted to dedicate this article to our clients, colleagues, employees (past and present) and the many others who have been on the journey with us.

Gratitude is an attitude
We celebrate our birthday this year with a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving. We are privileged to work with many of the world’s top companies and the exceptional people they employ.

We all celebrate birthdays in different ways but when you are a high growth company that is continuously looking to raise the bar in it’s respective market, it’s even more special to celebrate one more year together.

To give you some more insight into our organization, let me first say that much of our work involves the challenge of traditional thinking through the introduction of new and modern practices and principles. This involves change, something that is hard for any organization and person. We’ve had our fair share of change also.

We entered the market with a deliberate strategy to bring a higher quality service, accompanied by a high quality product but in both cases we too needed to persevere along the journey of developing an approach and model that could best serve clients.

While it’s true that hard work often pays off, you need smart and dedicated people that share your passion and vision as well. You also need a community that supports you and works together to serve a purpose that can be higher than the one you might have in mind. In many ways, it’s the coming together of all these core elements that lay the groundwork for what’s possible.

This particular year came with recognition on the Inc. 5000 list along with being recognized in the Top 100 IT Services companies. It also saw the continuing growth of Value, Flow, Quality®, our work-based learning program which was recently selected by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT as the basis for the Practitioner Certificate in Agile.

Thank you for celebrating with us.

The Emergn Limited Team

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