The blank page

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”  – Walt Disney

In most creative professions there is a fear of the blank page. Writer’s block is something I’m sure you’ve heard about or, maybe experienced. The same has been documented in other art forms. Everyone suffers in some way with procrastination – one of the most common causes of procrastination comes from the fear of the blank page. This fear is caused by several reasons. One is where the task ahead can feel so large it can be overwhelming. Another is one where you defeat yourself before you even get started for fear of criticism. The final one can be because you’ve got so many things to deal with that it’s hard to get started on any of them. If you have any of these, the best thing to do is to get started. Easy to say, but how?


If this is something you suffer from, consider using the Pomodoro Technique. This is named after a tomato-shaped timer you used to find in kitchens. Set a timer for 15 minutes and just get started. Anyone can do something for 15 minutes – no pressure to complete it, no pressure to make it perfect. Don’t self-edit. Just make progress. Once the page is no longer blank, the task will be less daunting.

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