The catalytic question

At this year’s Global Peter Drucker Forum, the topic of growth and inclusive prosperity took center stage. Each year, the world’s top thinkers, strategists and many business leaders come together to discuss how we make our organizations and even ourselves better in the face of technological change and disruption.

This year, one theme resonated more than others. It came in a series of conversations shared by Hal Gregersen, Executive Director, MIT Leadership Center. Hal discussed the importance of asking the catalytic questions of one another as a mechanism for truth, growth and connecting the unconnected things that prevent us from becoming the organizations we aspire to be.

Think about the challenges your organization faces, the people that make it up and the goals it has, and how important it is to be asking the fundamental questions that will help us get to the needed answers.


What’s the catalytic question you need to ask of someone in your organization?

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