The fundamentals are strategic too

When Gartner wrote about the term bimodal a couple of years back, their aim was to call out the mode 1 and mode 2 reality of how organizations were structured and how they were trying to adapt to technological change.

If you look at this closer, it speaks to the budgeting strategy underpinning the decisions being made. For example, IT will say they need to keep the lights on (mode 1) and business leaders will want to design and implement a digital strategy (mode 2).

The fundamental areas of IT can be invisible to those setting the strategy and as a result, business leaders run the risk of not designing a complete budget – or another way to say it is that capacity isn’t often aligned well with the strategy.

Don’t look at the fundamentals as being non-strategic – it’s not so much about a mode 1 and mode 2 view as much as it’s about a coherent strategy that the whole organization can get around.

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