The other side of confidence

New roles and new opportunities are exciting, but are soon followed by various forms of anxieties, usually based on factors that are either largely unknown or uncertain. We all want to have the confidence that we can be successful in the role we’re in.

Confidence isn’t arrogance, it’s a deliberate and willful belief that you can do the task at hand, or at least put forth the effort. When confidence is lacking, it’s because our insecurities try and take over, and when insecurities manifest themselves in our lives, others will describe us as defensive, irritable, annoyed, and other adjectives that follow this theme.

Maybe the insecurities are because we feel an incessant need to assert our authority in the role we’re in. Perhaps it’s because we don’t have all the answers and want to look like we do. Whatever the reason, our insecurities are typically unfounded.

You likely have more support in the role you’re in than you realize. Next time your insecurities show up, pause and ask what’s really driving that response.

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