The respect of your colleagues

Respect is admiration from others regarding someone’s abilities, character, accomplishments, etc. While there is a form of respect we need to have for others in general, simply as people – there’s another form of respect that seems harder to have and maintain.

It’s the respect from our colleagues. Let’s be honest, we all want to be respected by those we work for or with. It’s probably one of the most important things we seek in our professional lives, although it’s largely one of those unspoken areas. We don’t go around telling others that our goal for the week is to be respected more yet we crave it and it makes us feel good when we get it. Too often, some people look for their identity inside the respect they get from others and when it’s not there it dramatically affects how they then perform.

Respect from our colleagues should be something that we get based on our willingness to demonstrate the right sets of values and work ethic. Of course there are instances where no matter how hard you work at a relationship, it can be oil and vinegar – but many times the disrespect that occurs stems from changes in behaviors, wrong expectations and miscommunications. What should we do in that instance? Get a pulse on where you stand with that someone and seek to bring it out into an open, constructive conversation that results in actionable change.


Think about whether you’ve lost respect for a colleague or if you’re in the opposite situation. In either case, take the initiative to resolve it. Letting it linger or hoping it resolves itself will only get you the wrong results.

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