The right formula

There is a formula you are likely familiar with. It’s been used by John Maxwell and Zig Ziglar and many other leaders.

I even wrote a short blog post on this formula back in 2015. It’s a formula that can help us quickly assess the people on our team and those we want on our team.

Aptitude + Attitude = Altitude

It is the attitude part of this equation that makes it so valuable. It’s much easier to hire for skills and experience than attitude. The right attitude towards people and work can often make up for some of what may be missing on the aptitude part, simply because it means the person is teachable.

Let me also state that you can’t just hire for attitude; skills and experience are necessary. It’s the right blend we’re aiming for. There is one action to take when you have people on the team that have a rotten attitude, and you’ve made a valiant attempt to help them – they need to go. It’s important to invest in people even when they have a less than desired attitude but it can never be at the expense of the organization.


How can we improve our attitude? Get feedback from those you trust on this topic.

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