Thinking about the future of leadership

We dream, envision and sometimes even attempt to plan our lives as if they’re the result of a series of personal decisions alone. Despite what history teaches us, we tend to forget that the only thing constant is change and as Peter Drucker wisely said – “the only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.”

Times change and inevitably industries change. As Alex Adamopoulos, our CEO, states in his recent article on Forbes, we are on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution and a very different one. It will be the result of artificial intelligence and automation and our workplace ought to change dramatically. But one thing we should expect for certain – as with any big transformation – is the need for continuous learning.

Business leaders of the future need to provide employees with the opportunities to be constantly absorbing new skills in the most effective way. According to the 2018 State of Leadership Development report by Harvard Business, L&D plays a strategic role in successful transformations. But an interesting finding is that there is a gap in how different age cohorts perceive development programs, with young people being more critical to current programs’ effectiveness.

Offering the opportunities alone, won’t get you very far if they seem as a waste of time for the learners. As generations change, expectations in the workplace are not what they used to be and among other things, the L&D programs offered by organizations need to reflect that as well.


Try to be forward-looking and continuously seek opportunities to educate yourselves. If you are a leader, keep your mind open and constantly search for the most effective way to develop your people.

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