Transparency is everything.

I recently received an email from an organization discussing the launch of their recent app:

‘As with any new app, it’s not without issues. I thank those who have had any tech issues for your patience and in an effort to be super transparent, we have a public Trello board that includes a list of all known issues we are facing and which the team are working hard on fixing.’

This openness with me, as the customer, is refreshing. Not many organisations are willing to admit ‘tech issues’ and discuss them openly in an all customer email. However, it made me consider that we all encounter these issues, and rather than shying away from them, we should acknowledge the opportunity they lend us to learn, grow and improve our products.

What I also admired in this email was their public facing board. This transparency showed me they care about their customers and are keen to act on feedback. It made me realise that more organizations need to embrace this kind of thinking, and challenge the concept of failure, to enable better relationships with customers.


How can you be more transparent with your customer, especially when it comes to fixing issues?

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