Trust and fear

“Fear can be created quickly; trust can’t.” – Ed Catmull

There are many things that can get in the way of people doing their best work. Many of the most damaging ones actually end up in creating a fear of some kind. Maybe it’s being scared of doing something wrong when you don’t really know what’s expected. Maybe it’s the fear of not being recognized for your own work. It might be the fear of criticism on a new design or idea you have. It might be something deeper like the fear of being fired or losing an income. Or, for being found out that you don’t know enough about a new technology or not working hard enough. Companies that are going through change are places where many fears can be created. Whether the fears are unfounded or not not, they still lead to a drop in productivity. We all have a need to watch out for our colleagues and staff to ensure trust and safety exists – and it takes time to do. There’s no time like now to make improvements.

Is there anything you can do with your colleagues or manager that will help create a safer environment for people to contribute their best work?

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