Truth isn’t optional

Many years ago, when I started in business, I was fortunate to have people around me that took the time to mentor and teach me. Some of the most important lessons learned along the way came in those early years.

I remember one of my mentors saying, “Always tell the truth, because you’ll never forget what you said.” This was his way of sharing two important principles.

First, the truth about a situation is what it is and when everyone knows what that is, it becomes more straightforward to manage.

Second, the truth allows us to respond sooner and better. When a program isn’t performing or the numbers aren’t where they need to be, it’s important to know sooner and make adjustments.

We see this approach in sports more easily where the numbers don’t lie – you’re either winning or losing and the best teams have learned to make necessary adjustments along the way for the simple purpose of winning.

Where are we holding back information or not sharing it? How can we create a culture of truth and response?

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