UK Government National Audit Office shows support for Agile

The National Audit Office which has responsibility in the UK for making sure the nation spends its money wisely has issued its first report on Agile Governance.

You can view the whole document at

It is pleasing to see the maturity being shown at such an early stage, government hasn’t dived into training 100’s of Scrum Masters and has avoided a naive approach for delivery. Instead it has understood that Agile is more than Scrum, it has given it a good definition around the principles of iterative and incremental delivery.

They have looked at how they might define principles that work for governance – and though it is clear they have way further to go in terms of doing it, changing it, making it work. Government seems to have taken a sensible first step.

Of the seven private sector case examples that the National Audit have chosen, four of the case studies are Emergn clients. It is good to see that they have looked at what is being done elsewhere.

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