Value, Flow, Quality sponsors Julz Adeniran – Olympic hopeful

Julz AdeniranSitting in our office are the Olympic Mascots of Wenlock and Mandeville. They stare out of the window looking at the whole world before them. They are a symbol for us, that at the start of the Olympics, it will be one year since we first started working out how to launch our Education programme. We also hope to have a public launch of the great Agile and Lean education product we are building, probably at Agile 2012.

We wanted to go one step further and have decided to sponsor Julz Adeniran in his hopes of reaching the Olympics.

Julz Adeniran has been improving considerably over the last year and is now within touching distance of reaching the qualification time of 13.52 for the 110m hurdles.

He could not be a better fit for us to back, he has focused on completing his education. He is a constant reminder that sprinting (an Agile phrase) is not just about the race, but is about the preparation and that in getting to the final result, we must overcome many hurdles.

Good Luck Julz!

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