Waiting is winning

Winning is a long game. So is business in general. We make our plans, develop our strategies and work hard to win.

Think about this from a sales perspective, specifically in developing and managing a pipeline. Depending on what business you’re in, the lead time for sales might be long. The time it takes from a lead entering your funnel to winning the work can often require a long period of time. Yet we accept this because we know it’s part of the process. What isn’t so easy to accept is when we have to wait for things that aren’t part of the process, or things that don’t fit into a mold or category that we can accept.

Waiting is hard work but it’s something we do every day in many different ways and often means that we can’t do anything specific to speed things up – maybe because it’s out of our hands to control it, or speeding it up may make matters worse. But the secret to waiting lies in the mindset we have about it.

“Waiting well is not just about getting to the end of your waiting; it’s about being changed through your waiting.” – Timothy Chaddick

Who we become through waiting is more important than receiving what we’re waiting for. Waiting is an important strategy in shaping our views, our work and our character in general.


What’s your view on waiting? Can you point to any situation where waiting proved to be the right strategy?

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