You need to be in the room

When you look back over the lives of many successful leaders in some of the world’s best-known companies, you notice that a common characteristic was that those leaders spent less time in an office and more time in the room with the people they served.

This included both employees and customers. Sam Walton is known for the time spent visiting his stores and spending, on average, only a half day per week in HQ. Executives from similar companies did the same thing; traveling to customer and employee sites just to learn and be in the room.

You can’t manage from a remote office and you can’t have a meaningful relationship over email or any social media platform. These tools are helpful and necessary in our day to day lives but people need to be together to develop the depth of relationship and understanding required to simply get the most valuable things done. In other words, you need to see it to understand it.


How can you spend your time better as someone in leadership to ensure you’re in the room more often?

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