Your focus needs more focus

During the latest incarnation of The Karate Kid, there’s a moment when Mr Han (Jackie Chan) says to Xiao Dre (Jayden Smith) “Your focus needs more focus!” Dre had been working hard to develop his skills of Karate.

As he gets better he gets a bit too full of himself as he thinks he’s mastered everything and he tries to do more than he can handle. Mr Han manages to bring Xiao Dre back to his senses and helps him raise his performance to the next level by helping him focus more deeply. There are similar times within a company where we try to do too much. It’s an easy situation to find yourself in. Companies generate many great ideas and often there is an impatience to attempt them all at once. But when this happens everything starts running a little slower and a little less effectively. Remaining focused takes constant vigilance and discipline to assess the work being done and what should be worked on next without overburdening everyone.


Is the work you’re doing today really aligned to the purpose of the firm or one of the major strategic objectives? If not, think about how your work might be better aligned to bring more focus.

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