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A major challenge for all enterprises is to constantly exploit advances in technology. For example, embedding machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation capabilities into day to day business processes, functions and operations. It’s an area we have proven expertise; constructing strategies and solutions to innovate, automate and scale the delivery of products and services.

How do you realize the full potential of automation?

We all agree that intelligent automation is the way forward but even companies who have adopted it are far from realizing the full potential. Without careful planning, short term gains can very soon be undermined and the lack of agile ways of working means RPA automation loses its value. At Emergn, our approach challenges common misconceptions about automation, avoids the very real pitfalls that exist and releases the true potential of automation for your organization – short and long term.

Our insight to the trends and investment areas in automation

Every client context is different, but problems, patterns and trends are common.

Investment in automation is growing fast, especially in low code platforms for the development of process automation solutions by non-technical staff.  Additionally, Cloud Infrastructures (IaaS) and Cloud Services (SaaS) increasingly allow for automation solutions free from major hardware and operational investment.

These trends are driven by the following organization challenges:

  • Integrating Business and Technology functions to facilitate a customer-first mindset
  • Growing talent and skills in RPA (Robotic Process Automation), ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Developing stable, cost-effective RPA platforms and tools
  • Counter-balancing expensive and slow-to-market enterprise process platforms
  • Building low/no-code platforms to fit the technology landscape that reduces costs and lead time

Expected benefits from different types of investment in automation

From a strategic investment:

  • Enables shorter delivery cycles for regulatory changes
  • Facilitates efficiency and continuous improvement programs that require to ‘do more with less’
  • Competes with rapidly growing, digitally native companies whose business models are built on integrated, automated solutions

From tactical investments:

  • Facilitates cost savings, often within customer support and administrative functions
  • Supports rapidly growing business.
  • Removes mundane tasks freeing up talent to do more qualified jobs
  • Provides capability to deploy interim solutions, whilst large scale IT solutions are being developed and delivered
  • Supports in-house innovation by providing quick, low-risk solutions that support incremental delivery and short-term integrations

The Emergn approach

Our approach is to view automation as a spectrum of solutions, from simple task automation at one end (e.g. RPA) to complex decision automation (Al and ML) at the other. This enables us to connect and optimize the application of technologies and solutions to provide the most value to our client’s business. By starting ‘small’ we can develop the opportunities and the potential within your organization that low-code tooling and Cloud services provide.


Task, Workflow and Decision Automation

Quick wins and pitfalls to consider

Task automation

Task Automation

  • Robots can become expensive to operate longer term
  • Initial process gains may create costly bottlenecks further on
  • Overestimating cost savings leads to frustration when FTE stays high
Quick wins:
  • Tasks more likely to benefit from Automation generally
  • Incoming data processed by an enterprise IT system
  • Information read from UI and entered into another
  • Cloud services more effective than COTS tools and solutions

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

  • Wasted time analyzing as-is processes when process underneath is changing
  • Thinking only big automation projects are viable
Quick wins:
  • Leverage the value of low code platforms for cost and efficiency gains

Decision Automation

Decision Automation

  • Internal Data Science resources get prioritized over big initiatives, instead of supporting broad innovation
Quick wins:
  • Validating that data can be used using ML-Experiments

Where Emergn can help

Building better products

  • Automation strategy
  • Solution architecture
  • Technology and supplier evaluation
  • Task automation with RPA and low-code/no-code toolsets
  • System integration implementation and connectivity to ERP solutions
  • Process mining
  • ML/AI solutions

Improving the way work works

  • Process design and optimization
  • Work prioritization
  • Benefit assessments
  • RFP support (including tools and supplier selection and evaluation)

Advancing business capability

  • Establishing Centers of Excellence
  • Learning programs for skills development

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Realizing the true potential of automation.

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