BT – Agile mentoring

A case study of our work with telco giant, BT

Driven by a combination of increased competition from new market players like Google and Skype and demand to make their business more accessible to external partners, telecommunications providers are being forced to completely rethink the technologies, infrastructure, business models and processes that have defined the industry since its inception.

So when telecom provider BT embarked on the industry’s most aggressive, end-to-end overhaul project, 21CN, the company decided to build the network and supporting systems from the bottom up. One of the major new support systems was LIMS (Logical Inventory Management System). The system was used to design, create, store and deliver the next generation of services that would be available on the advanced network. To give BT’s divisions the best ability to hit critical deadlines for 21CN, the LIMS team adopted basic Agile principles in order to turnaround a failing project that was impacting the delivery of the overall 21CN vision. Despite the company’s support for the shift in development philosophy, the LIMS team needed help personalizing the approach to fit their unique project demands. BT Design turned to Emergn’s Agile experts to improve BT Design’s Agile core skills, building a process to systemically improve coding quality and fostering adoption of truly iterative planning practices.

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