Standard Life – Enterprise agile enablement

A case study of our work with Standard Life

Leisurely, simple and static: three words that have never been used to describe the financial services industry. More accurately, the industry is one of the most dynamic, complex and technology-dependent industries. To keep ahead of the competition, institutions must be able to adapt business processes and system capabilities to provide customized financial tools and services their customers need to build wealth and stay profitable.

After successfully employing Agile methods on an ad hoc basis, Standard Life knew they could greatly improve business planning practices and IT development methods by expanding their use of Agile in the organization. A large project to extend one of their financial products was chosen as the Agile pilot, with the intention of introducing as many of the values, principles, and practices as possible to ensure the required delivery of the solution. However, Standard Life teams did not have the expertise to roll-out the program from scratch and asked Emergn to coach the project’s teams. Emergn’s task for the project—called Amethyst—was several-fold: increase productivity, quality and planning capabilities by coaching Standard Life teams on Agile methods to enhance a financial product at a rapid pace, and instill a solid understanding of Agile for more widespread adoption across the entire company.

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