UCAS – Driving value through continuous improvement

A case study of our work with UCAS

UCAS is an independent charity providing information, advice and admissions services to inspire and facilitate educational progression in the UK. UCAS noted a continued demand for higher education, a significant growth in competition from other education progression sites, and the continued change in how the younger generation connect with companies and each other.

Like many organizations, UCAS decided to change the way they approached technology and how they invested in and built their products and services. Above all, UCAS wanted to put their customers at the heart of their digital development approach.

To implement these new ways of working, Emergn’s Value, Flow, Quality® (VFQ) education programs were rolled out across the organization. Emergn supported UCAS to restructure their business around the strategic initiatives required to be delivered, and within the first two weeks, changes happened at great speed. Emergn started delivering a work-based education program – designed specifically to support people to become Agile Practitioners. The idea was to get 50% of the company educated in Agile within 6 months. UCAS also chose to run the structured VFQ Expert Coaching Pathway in order to develop their own internal change and leadership capability. This would enable them to lead their own transformation, beyond Emergn’s support.

Following the dramatic change based on Emergn’s education programs and support, UCAS are now in control of their own transformation. They have a shared vocabulary, keeping everyone on the same page across teams. UCAS continued to rebuild their core products and services and now drive value from new products through continual improvement.

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