Digital Strategy and Change

At Emergn, we’ve supported some of the world’s largest and most successful brands through complex digital transformations. Our consultants lean on proven, fundamental principles and practices to build a foundation for simple, long-lasting change.

Digital as a state of mind


Businesses are exploring new technologies, methodologies, organizational structures and processes with the goal to make things better, faster, smarter, easier or more productive. For many, digital transformation covers a move to DevOps, new organizational models, Agile, and Design Thinking.


Customer journey or experiences



Business Capability Improvements

Business capability



From projects to products

From projects to products

Download our thought paper featuring content from Gartner, a timely piece about the importance of a product mindset to focus on delivering exceptional products and 6 capability areas necessary to embed a product culture.

Success with digital transformation is fickle: research shows organizations can spend millions on projects only to receive incremental, if any, benefits, in part because of a lack of integration, collaboration and experienced guidance in helping that transformation stick. Companies also struggle to scale innovation and to infuse transformation into the fabric of their organizations.

At Emergn, we’ve observed the familiar patterns that businesses typically find themselves stuck in during an overdrawn and often expensive digital transformation. We’ve found that whether enterprises are struggling with Agile enablement or product management, success is best achieved when teams start to think differently about the way they work.

Our consultants help you adopt a discovery mindset, one in which work is organized around delivering the best results for the customer above all. Our approach leads to better results that build trust in transformation throughout the organization. We empower teams to adopt new, more valuable ways of organizing, budgeting and working on digital strategy and change.



Members of our Consulting team

Andrew Husak
VP, Solution Design
Andrew has 25+ years of experience that blends sociology, pedagogy, economics, math, design and engineering to challenge the way people think about work. He enjoys helpings clients make their work more purposeful, effective, rewarding and fun.
Ariuna Enkhbat
Ariuna is a highly analytical and business-minded professional with more than five years of diversified business experience in competitive, fast-paced industries. She has helped organizations in both the public and private sectors change the way they work through a focus on customer centricity. Through consultancy and coaching, she helps businesses formulate sustainable, long-term strategies to achieve their objectives.
Christopher Whaley
Principal Consultant
Christopher is a seasoned program and product manager with experience working in diverse industry sectors. Having worked in different regions across the globe, he has learned many hard lessons around listening, understanding and amalgamating different viewpoints into tangible strategy and solutions. He helps organizations develop the behaviors needed to innovate and to discover new ideas, products and solutions that add value rather than just maintain it.

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