Intelligent Enterprise

Life is becoming “smarter.” Advances in computing and data analytics have led to rapid growth in the number of apps and devices that offer embedded machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation capabilities. The Emergn engineering team can empower businesses to excel in this era of the intelligent enterprise.

Getting started as an intelligent enterprise


We have deep experience in bringing machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation solutions to new and existing products and services. We can build bespoke solutions for businesses that want to gain a competitive advantage or leverage pre-built AI capabilities to accelerate time to market.

We develop solutions that enable people to do the most important and human parts of work, while allowing computers to take over tasks that are better suited for automation.


Emergn's Intelligent Enterprise

Getting started with machine learning can be simple using pre-built AIs that are trained to solve common business problems.  The catalog is a set of common business problems we’re working on to accelerate the time it takes to get a new idea to market. These can be used as building blocks to solve larger enterprise problems.

We continually work on developing AIs that can be embedded into products, services and business processes. Our approach allows us to develop bespoke solutions to critical problems.  The goal for us is to embed automation, intelligence and learning into any part of an enterprise to help our clients focus on their customer experience and business models whilst continuously leveraging technology to do things faster and smarter.

Here are some of the AI functionality we have developed and implemented for our clients.


Pre-built machine learning models trained on customer data to help finance people make decisions and integrate insights directly in business processes:
Machine Learning - Predictive invoice to payment

Invoice to Payment

Predicts invoice payment delay and calculates the needed amount of appraisals and customer payment discipline used for segmentation.

B2B Sales

Pre-built machine learning models trained on customer data to help automate up-sale and cross-sale services for customers on an individual level for B2B, B2C systems and CRM:
Machine Learning - Market Basket Analysis

Market Basket Analysis

Creates rules from historical sales data and based on customer basket, recommends additional products with high efficiency.

Machine Learning - Individual Product Catalog

Individual Product Catalog

Based on purchases, activity and search result history, predicts what categories, products and marketing offers are most relevant to individual customers.

Machine Learning - Predictive Customer Value

Customer Value

Provides real-time customer segmentation using RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) model.

Machine Learning - Combined models

Combined Models

Combines predictive B2B sales models for CRM and customer journey processes.

People Management

Pre-built machine learning modules that empower HR managers in planning and operational processes:
Machine Learning - Predictive Sick Leave

Sick Leave

Predicts the number of days that employees will be absent from work because of sick leave, on an individual, project, unit, department and enterprise level.

Machine Learning - Predictive Training


Predicts employee training needs based on information about enterprise projects, competencies, goals and employee evaluation.

Machine Learning - Employee Churn

Employee Churn

Predicts the probability the employees will leave the company in the next 6 months, or the probability that particular employees will work more than a certain number of years in the enterprise.

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