Product and Software Development

The best digital products are built from the ground up through a process that prioritizes customer value, fast time-to-market, and the highest level of quality. The Emergn engineering team follows a four-step process to rapidly discover, validate, build and launch products that are right for your customers.

Bringing the best ideas to market


Emergn co-creates solutions with our clients and provide expert support throughout the software development lifecycle, from discovery to definition to development. Not only are we skilled in engineering principles and technologies, but our understanding of business challenges in different industries allows us to deliver high-quality IT products across various sectors.

Idea to Market - User centric

User centric

Idea to Market - Fast to Market

Fast to market

Idea to Market - Prioritized for Value

Prioritized for value

Idea to Market - Empirical Validated Assumptions

Empirical, validated assumptions

Our engineering approach places users at the heart of the process, whether we are building core software systems, new mobile products or the latest virtual reality technology. This means we are rapidly building and showing users working software to validate ideas and assumptions. As we launch new ideas into the market we structure data collection approaches to ensure our ideas are performing as intended. If they’re not, the data helps us adjust and adapt.

Value, Flow, Quality

Value, Flow, Quality

Our three guiding principles are at the heart of all our development work.

Share VFQ with your team – download the three guiding principles as large-format posters to print and share in your office.

Four phases to better products

The Emergn engineering team follows four steps to ensure that every product we create with our customers has the right market fit and the best chance to meet your customers’ needs.

Four phases to better products

Discovery: We dig deep to understand the solutions your customers already use to solve their goals, so that we can identify their ‘big problem’ that needs solving. If you want to propose a better solution, you need to first frame the existing problem.

Alpha: We begin to explore solutions that may satisfy user needs. Through deliberate testing and user validation, we identify and build confidence in a solution that will actually solve the problem, and is therefore worth your investment.

Beta: Now that the solution is validated with real customers, we begin to develop the idea further to ensure that it meets additional needs such as scale, price and market context. Through this process, you ensure the solution will deliver the most value.

Live: We ensures that the software, product or service is scalable to the live needs of the market, and set you up to continuously build on your solution through added capabilities like new features or improved delivery models.

Delivering Change

Delivering Change

Read our thought paper on the three guiding principles that underpin all positive corporate change, and learn how a focus on Value, Flow, and Quality leads to better products and the faster delivery of new ideas.

New technology research and development

Technology is always evolving, forcing businesses to adapt so they can stay current with customer expectations and open up new opportunities for growth. The Emergn engineering team is continuously researching cutting-edge technologies so that we can create innovative new digital products for our clients.

From artificial intelligence, to machine learning, to blockchain and whatever’s next, Emergn can be a partner to your business in its efforts to stay ahead of the innovation curve. Using our Product and Software Development and Customer and User Experience expertise, our approach allows us to build, test and explore new technologies alongside our clients to quickly validate ideas for further investment and exploration.


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