Digital Strategy and Change

At Emergn, we’ve supported some of the world’s largest and most successful brands through complex digital transformations. We lean on proven, fundamental principles and practices to build a foundation for simple, long-lasting change.

Digital as a state of mind

Businesses are exploring new technologies, methodologies, organizational structures and processes with the goal to make things better, faster, smarter, easier or more productive. For many, digital transformation covers a move to DevOps, new organizational models, agile, and design thinking.


Customer journey
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Business Capability Improvements




Success with digital transformation is fickle: research shows organizations can spend millions on projects only to receive incremental, if any, benefits, in part because of a lack of integration, collaboration and experienced guidance in helping that transformation stick. Companies also struggle to scale innovation and to infuse transformation into the fabric of their organizations.

At Emergn, we’ve observed the familiar patterns that businesses typically find themselves stuck in during an overdrawn and often expensive digital transformation. We’ve found that whether enterprises are struggling with agile enablement or product management, success is best achieved when teams start to think differently about the way they work.

Our consultants help you adopt a discovery mindset, one in which work is organized around delivering the best results for the customer above all. Our approach leads to better results that build trust in transformation throughout the organization. We empower teams to adopt new, more valuable ways of organizing, budgeting and working on digital strategy and change.

To help you identify your obstacles, we delve deeply into the nature of your business and into the various components, capabilities and qualities that define your organization. Then, rather than recommend generic bolt-on solutions, we take a personalized approach to implement long-lasting change from the inside out.

Initiate simple, long-lasting change



We dig deep into the roots of transformation, analyzing organizational capabilities and constraints, revealing market opportunities and determining whether the work you’re doing actually delivers value to customers.

Make it real

Make it real

Through experimentation, value definition, and visualization, we bring innovation to life and build evidence that your proposed transformation will work in the context in which your business needs it.

Operationalize and scale

Operationalize and scale

Guided by Emergn’s unique Value, Flow, Quality (VFQ) principles, we design end-to-end processes to scale transformation in ways that best match the specific context of each part of the business.



Implementing work-based training and guided coaching, we empower people throughout your organization with the mindsets, skills and capabilities needed to achieve a transformation that sticks.

Delivering Change

Delivering Change

Read our thought paper on the three guiding principles that underpin all positive corporate change, and learn how a focus on Value, Flow, and Quality leads to better products and the faster delivery of new ideas.

New technology research and development

Technology is always evolving, forcing businesses to adapt so they can stay current with customer expectations and open up new opportunities for growth. The Emergn engineering team is continuously researching cutting-edge technologies so that we can create innovative new digital products for our clients.

From artificial intelligence, to machine learning, to blockchain and whatever’s next, Emergn can be a partner to your business in its efforts to stay ahead of the innovation curve. Using our product design and product delivery and expertise, our approach allows us to build, test and explore new technologies alongside our clients to quickly validate ideas for further investment and exploration.


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