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Senior Consultant

Full-time - Consulting
We are Emergn. Our mission is to improve the way people and companies work. Forever.

Every day we work with some of the largest and best-known companies, helping them to change the way they work.  Mostly we help them introduce agile and lean principles to how they define and deliver new products and services.  Often we also help companies improve the overall business, operations and strategy to capitalise on changes in technology, customer expectations, social, digital and other trends impacting the way business is done and customers are served. 
Primarily we find ourselves ‘fixing’ the way IT/Technology interacts with ‘The Business’ in order to react and respond to market demands.  This means we work with people.  Every day.  At all levels of organisations.  To help them change and improve, individually and collectively. 
What we’ve learned over the years is that change is hard. And people don’t always understand why it is necessary, or what good might look like.  Or what is right for their organisation.  That’s why we have a focus on education and learning.  We help people learn in a way that works for them, at their pace, when they want to.  This means that we can build better shared understanding and help folks design their own solutions to their challenges.  People at Emergn are always helping people learn, and in turn deliver amazing outcomes.  Be that as a trainer, a coach, a consultant or any other role, we work with people to uncover better ways for them to deliver better outcomes to their customers.
To help this whole process we built an education product called VFQ (Value, Flow, Quality) to share the learning.  All our people learn these concepts, build upon them and share them with our clients so that the concepts work in context.  We are continually developing these ideas.  Working at Emergn means you will be part of the continued development.
Specific Characteristics required for a Senior Consultant

As described above we work with people who have the ability to educate and help companies change or deliver the outcomes they need.  We are looking for people who have a flair for consulting and delivering an outstanding experience.  Our team members can be trainers, coaches, consultants and delivery managers. 
Responsibilities within this role:
  • Coach, train, lead and mentor teams, managers, executives during their transition to new ways of working.
  • Facilitating change at the individual and team level within the client - always working to be sympathetic to the client context and outcomes.
  • Ensure the integrity of the Emergn service is always delivered.
  • Inspire and facilitate change by presenting and discussing the fundamental reasons for change within the business/departments including how to approach it.
  • Use the latest thinking from disciplines such as Agile, Lean, Design Thinking and others to help the client build high performing teams and make change happen.
  • Develop strong relationships with the client at all levels.
  • Show initiative by anticipating risks, issues and opportunities, and escalating them accordingly.
  • Develop future opportunities to help the client improve using Emergn’s competencies and approach.
  • Proactively identify issues and opportunities for management action, in particular performance and process improvements.
  • Work with colleagues across Emergn to develop unique approaches in how we use VFQ and deliver great customer service.
Required Skills and Experience:
  • Demonstrable experience in management consulting or in senior positions in an enterprise organisation.      
  • Expertise in agile or lean product development including the value and principles, and how they are applied in enterprise environments.                                                   
  • Expertise in one or more agile methodologies and practices (Lean, Kanban, XP, TDD, CI), and how they can be applied in a product development / program delivery environment.
  • Familiarity with modern software engineering techniques such as continuous integration, build, deliver, test-driven development and automated acceptance testing.
  • Strong communication, facilitation and negotiation skills.
  • Experience in client relationship and team building.
  • Highly skilled in large-scale enterprise change projects & programs.
  • Ability to shape strong presentations and narratives that influence and commit people to change.
  • Experience in a full product development lifecycle, with exposure to a wide array of technologies, methodologies and business environments.
  • Specialist in one or more domains of Business Analysis, Management, Project Management, Software Development or Business/Enterprise Architecture.

Travel: Our Consultants often need to be on client site 4‐5 days per week, so flexibility to travel is critical.