Distributed Agile: Past and Present

In 2006, a company named SirsiDynix in the US successfully executed a fairly large and complex project using a distributed agile approach with help from StarSoft Labs, an Eastern European and Russian outsourcer who was an early pioneer in distributed Agile methods.

Since 2009 various surveys tell us that at least 58% of all companies surveyed are using Agile practices (mainly Scrum) in a distributed environment. Most recent surveys show that number above 65%. As the outsourcing market has developed so has the interest in adapting Agile across multiple teams in multiple locations. That said, despite all the success, there are still many questions and concerns on how well distributed Agile works.

We’ve learned much since 2006 and even since 2009, there are elements of past and present thinking that are worth sharing and will hopefully be useful to those in the midst of a distributed Agile approach or those considering one. There are also lessons learned for those that have seemingly failed. Alex Adamopoulos, CEO of Emergn, looks at some of the past and present thinking.

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